In the beginning, Emily hurse was just another average 10 year old girl. she had a mother and a father and they all lived in a simple house that stood at the edge of a large forest full of humongous pine trees and common wildlife. since they were far from any town or villages the father would have to hunt for game while the mother had a small garden full of vegges, fruits, and herbs in the front 'yard'. life was wonderful for the family until a mysterious and tragic occurred. it was a warm summer afternoon and the father was busy checking his traps to see if any critters had gotten stuck when he suddenly disappeared never to be seen again. the mother and daughter waited days and days until they finally realized that he was never coming home. that was when Emily learned about the darker side of her mother. she would be quiet and sullen one moment then violent and loud the next, she started drinking a strange liquid from one of the fathers bottles and act tipsy and would say things that Emily had never heard before. over time the treatment got worse and worse until the mother began to think Emily was the reason she was alone. "you demon, what did you do to (husband's name)!" she'd scream in furry as she barraged her once beloved daughter with whatever she could find. (usually it would be a broken bottle she smashed in one of her drinking bits.) "well then, if you are a demon then i guess i'll just have to TREAT you like a demon!" a cruel and wicked smile slowly spread across her tear stained face. before Emily could run away her mother slammed the bottle that she was previously using to hit Emily's back and chest on the back of Emily's head knocking her out cold.

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